Our story

A new approach of settling family conflicts was needed, so Area5 Mediator worked with families going through the court procedure and came up with the idea.

As we regarded the judicial process as having a negative impact on relationships, we wanted to offer an impartial professional mediation service that could focus on resolving family issues, whether they involved children or funds.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality mediation service that adhered to strict policy and procedural guidelines and the highest standards of professional conduct.

What we offer

Every year, Family Matters sees between 600-800 people. Every year, we counsel 10-20 children as part of our Child Inclusive Mediation Team.

In order to make this a hassle-free and secure process for everyone, we provide a countrywide online service.

Because of this, we now have a deeper understanding of the financial issues involved and have been able to effectively negotiate agreements in high net worth situations all throughout the country.The Definitive Guide To The Financial Mediation Croydon Procedure

Mediations involving children and parents in the midst of intense dispute have been successfully resolved by Family Matters in the past. After winning a competitive bidding procedure, we provide the Separated Parents Information Program. Click Here

Our training and internships

Family Mediation Council Accreditation was established by us in 2005 as part of our Area5 mediation training programme. 14 mediators have received FMC training since then.

There’s a senior member of the Area5 Mediation Council who oversees portfolios and influences mediator certification.

Legal practitioners and mediators all throughout the nation benefit from our acclaimed Area5 Mediation Training Program, which we offer.

The future

We have a waiting list for our training programme as Area5 Mediation expands and develops.

Area5 Mediation Council vouchers allow families to access mediation, and we intend to build on that experience.

We firmly think that a high-quality, professional mediation service should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, and we look forward to the next two decades of delivering it.

As a company, we have made a commitment to provide a professional, high-quality mediation service to the community. Contact us today to get started on your successful mediation journey by scheduling an appointment.